More than just a bike

We’re bringing joy and freedom to kids and families in our community.
One bike, one ride, and one mile at a time.

Explore. Dream. Bike. Thrive.

At Kids on Bikes, our mission is to inspire and empower all kids to lead healthy, active, and happy lives through bicycling.

Creating community through cycling

Mark schenberger

Why the Bike: Mark

Going into college at Ohio State, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I was going to study business, intern with some Columbus sports teams, then go back home to Philadelphia, where I would get a job with the Phillies.  Somehow I would work my way from an entry level marketing position up to

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Creating Community

See how we're creating connections built around cycling.

The Pedal Station

Come downtown to our community bike center, ask questions, take a class or browse our new and used bicycles and bike parts.

24 Hour Trainer Challenge

This ride is a fundraiser for Kids on Bikes, in support of our Give! campaign. Money raised will help support the expansion of our programming in 2019, moving us towards our goal of ensuring that every child in Colorado Springs has access to the freedom and empowerment that comes with having their own bicycle. Suggested donations for solo riders are $250, and $1,000 for teams.

Community events

Bike clinics, family popsicle rides and bike carnivals are just a few of the ways we bring bikes into our community.

Access to bikes

Earn-a-bike programs and bike libraries help ensure all kids can experience the joy of cycling.

Help make your neighborhood a better place


We have so many programs you can plug into. From Bicycle camps to community events – we'd love to create community with you!


Share your passion and energy with us. Whether you're great at event planning or bike tuning, we can find the perfect fit for you at Kids on Bikes.


We can't do it without you. Just $50 gives a child a helmet and toolkit. Even better – donate your bike! Everything helps to empower kids to get out and ride.

Proud partners

In January 2017, Kids on Bikes moved their Pedal Station inside MER. The Pedal Station offers many services including sales of used bikes, volunteer opportunities and more. We’ll be announcing more exciting news about the relationship between MER and Kids on Bikes in the near future.