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Our Story

Freedom, joy, health and friendship. Kids on Bikes mission is to inspire and empower all kids to lead healthy, active, and happy lives through bicycling.

Our past

Daniel Bike 2
Daniel Bike
our history

The dream

Kids riding bikes to school, exploring their neighborhoods, and establishing healthy habits all stems from the original motivation to start Kids on Bikes. The unacceptable rise in childhood obesity rates, less kids riding bikes year after year to and from school, and an increase on the amount of time kids spend on various screens each day has continued to provide us with the motivation that we must always dream big, but start small, in order to inspire and empower ALL KIDS to lead HEALTHY, ACTIVE, and HAPPY lives through bicycling. 

Making it happen

Our founding Board of Directors established a culture of innovation and fun from day one. Simply getting bikes to kids and bringing together partners from the community has continued to serve Kids on Bikes to the present day. The founders established meaningful relationships with local partners and families that has laid the foundation for our success and ongoing innovation today. 

Our present

Community impact

We know that in order to create true change, we must have a focused and direct approach to have a meaningful impact in neighborhoods, where kids live, play and go to school.

We know that there are many kids who don’t own a bike and won’t experience the joy of riding it. But we also know that we have to create a community where kids and families embrace biking and go on adventures around the neighborhood and to local parks and trails. 

Click the link below to see where we are having an impact within the community.

Our future

looking ahead

The next 5 years

In 2015 we celebrated 10 years at Kids on Bikes and we’ve got some big plans in store for the next five years. We believe in developing Colorado Springs as a better place for bicycling while engaging kids as the future of our city.

Open the Community Bicycling Center

Activate neighborhoods around bicycling

Create an inclusive community who bikes

Get more kids pedaling

Partner to develop healthy, active kids

See the full 5 year plan

See exactly how we hope to achieve the goals outlined above in our 5 year strategic plan.

We’ve Moved!.
Come visit us at our new Pedal Station location:
2222 Bott Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
We are open every day from 11am-6pm.
Donate a bike, buy a bike or volunteer with us.
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