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What We Do

In order to inspire and empower all kids to lead healthy, active, and happy lives through bicycling, we focus on 3 priorities.

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Access to bikes

Through our earn-a-bike programs, bike nomination process, or from the Pedal Station, our community bike center, making quality and safe bikes for kids and their families to ride is key. 


Opportunities to ride

We aim to provide as many ongoing opportunities to ride as possible. Either within neighborhoods for our programs and bike clubs or through our summer bike camps and family rides; We hope to create a city where the future generations ride bikes as frequently as possible. 


Bicycling education

Education is empowering. In order to truly create bike ambassadors of the future we focus every effort, ride, and program on providing education so as to further empower kids and their families to ride bikes safely, frequently, and with as much confidence as possible. 


Access to bikes

In many of the neighborhoods we serve, at least 50% of kids do not have access to a bike. So, we’ve established earn-a-bike programs through the utilization of a Bike Library

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Bike Library

Bike Libraries are re-purposed shipping containers that become mini “bike hubs” complete with refurbished bikes, basic tools, parts, and helmets. Bike Libraries are established through long-term collaboration partnerships. Our partners use the Bike Libraries to run bike programming that suits their needs, offers the opportunities for youth to earn their own bike, and otherwise provide ongoing access to bicycles!


Opportunities to ride

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PopCycle Rides

We are building community through sharing the activity of bicycling. From May – September we host a weekly PopCycle Ride at America the Beautiful Park.  This is a free, fun, family-focused ride for everyone you’d call family or friend.  We take a leisurely ride along the Santa Fe Trail stopping half way on the “PopCycle Bridge” to enjoy a cold treat.

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Great Bicycle Carnival

We host the annual Great Bicycle Carnival so kids and families can celebrate and gain exposure to bicycling together.  We invite community partners and families from everywhere for a day of simple fun. We want our city to further embrace bicycling since we live in one of the best communities for trail riding, commuting, and bicycling overall.


Empowering kids through education

85-88% of critical health and brain injuries can be prevented through use of a helmet. In our experience, approximately 70% of the kids in  neighborhoods we serve do not own or wear a helmet when riding a bike. We are changing attitudes and providing resources so that all kids wear a helmet while riding a bike.


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Pre-ride checklist

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Going for a ride

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Review & conclusion

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Make a decision to help

For $300 (or $25 per month), you can sponsor a child to go through an earn-a-bike program through one of our local partners! Kids participate in up to 10 weeks of hands on bike riding and education so they can earn a new bike, helmet, lock, and pump! 

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