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Stories from the field

The sisters

These sisters are four of seven siblings in their family. They range in age of 7-10 but wouldn’t look it. They are the smallest girls you could imagine and you could tell that they didn’t always get enough to eat and just had a tired look on their faces all of the time. Which is a really sad thing for such young girls. At first just two of the girls joined the program but when they learned they could earn a brand new bike all four joined. Each girl had their own very distinct personality, which made it fun to work with them all together. They were also very loving and supportive of each other. When we went to get on the bikes for the first time as a group, two of the sisters didn’t know how to ride. They had only been on a bike a few times on the weekends that one of the family friends brought over a bike for all of the kids to share. They were determined though. After the first class they asked if they could stay after and practice with me. I said of course and we spent another 30 minutes together and by the end, each of them could ride without stopping. By the end of the program, those two girls along with the other two sisters rode 8 miles downtown without stopping. It was incredible! Now, not only does this family have four new bikes that they can ride to school and the park together, but they are able to share those bikes with their other siblings and keep bike riding as a part of their childhood. It truly brought JOY to this family.


Daisy is a Hispanic 3rd grader. I don’t know much about her family other than the pieces she has shared with me. For example, when I asked the class if they knew anyone who rode their bike to school or work, she said her dad did every night because they couldn’t afford a car. I also learned that Daisy had a bike at one point but when it broke, they took it in for repairs but they couldn’t pay the bill so they left it there. Daisy wanted her own bike so bad. She is a tad overweight but as a 3rd grader, that isn’t a good path to be on at such a young age. A bike would help her get more healthy and active play time. On one of our neighborhood bike ride days, Daisy brought her aunt and 3 cousins to the park with her while Daisy borrowed a bike to ride around with us. It was such a terrific example of community because the whole family was able to play with other kids in a shared activity of biking. At the end of the program, Daisy earned her bike. On our final ride as a group, we did an 8 mile round trip to downtown on a cold fall day. Daisy has asthma and the cold mixed with her asthma and physical activity made it difficult to breathe. I rode the whole way with her, keeping her inhaler nearby and each time I asked her if we should turn around. She silently shook her head and got back on her bike to keep riding. She had the biggest grin on her face as we parked our bikes at City Hall. She was so proud of herself and so was I.


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