Kids on Bikes Blog

Why the Bike: Mark

Going into college at Ohio State, I knew exactly what I wanted to do.  I was going to study business, intern with some Columbus sports teams, then go back home to Philadelphia, where I would get a job with the Phillies.  Somehow I would work my way from an entry level marketing position up to

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Why the Bike: Bryan

I did not always have the appreciation that I do today for a well-made bike. In fact, one of my first memories of riding is rather negative.  I was in fifth grade and too eager to go fast. I took my mother’s mid 80’s Schwinn Traveler out for a spin around my childhood neighborhood. It

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Why the Bike: Daniel

Welcome to our first ever Kids on Bikes blog! I’m honored to kick things off and look forward what’s to come for this space as we revisit an important question: Why the bike? I am grateful to be part of this organization and for the many selfless, passionate individuals who have helped us become who

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