Inspire and Empower

In 2005 Paige Carmichael started Kids on Bikes as a way to bring the joy and health of biking to deserving kids.

The joy of a bike

Paige recognized the detrimental state of youth health and believed a bicycle could be a tool to reverse the trend of childhood obesity.  She believed that all children should have the chance to experience the freedom, confidence and joy that a bike brings to kids.

What started as a dream to bring the joy of a bike to more kids has grown into an inspirational and motivational organization that transforms children’s lives. Four core priorities have been developed to utilize a bike as a mechanism to motivate kids to live healthier lives.

Equip. Educate. Encourage. Engage.

Over time as we grew up and gained a true sense of what it means for kids to bike, we realized that it’s really about community.  Growing from a sole focus of providing bikes to kids in need, we are now integrating families, neighbors and schools to create a true sense of community as you explore the world by bike.  We have three distinct priorities however they each intertwine to allow for neighborhood inclusion.  Our mission is to inspire and empower kids to lead healthy, active and happy lives through biking and our top priorities to achieve that are providing access to road ready bikes, empowering kids in bike safety and healthy living and creating community through biking.

Founding Board

  • Paige Carmichael
  • Deb Mahan
  • Aimee Pickett
  • Mari Holden
  • Carey Wall Stark
  • Jolly Wall
  • Lisa Voight
  • Lizanne Stableford

Make a decision to help

For $300 (or $25 per month), you can sponsor a child to go through the Let’s Pedal earn-a-bike program. Kids participate in 10 weeks of hands on bike riding, and at the end earn a new bike, helmet, lock and pump.

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