Freedom, Joy, health and friendship

Kids on Bikes mission is to inspire and empower all kids to lead healthy, active, and happy lives through bicycling.

Creating community through biking

If you ride a bike, you know about the profound friendships that develop with your riding partners. Even as children, we biked in gangs and explored our neighborhoods together. That sense of togetherness is missing. Kids no longer walk or bike to school. They don’t go on adventures together after school. Instead, we are secluded by technology and entertained by tv, computer and video screens.

PopCycle Rides

We are bringing community back through sharing the activity of bicycling. We host a variety of rides all year which are free and open to the public. From May – September we host a weekly PopCycle Ride at America the Beautiful Park.  This is a free, fun family ride where everyone is welcome, from little tykes to grandparents.  We take a leisurely ride along the Santa Fe Trail stopping half way on the “PopCycle Bridge” to enjoy a cold treat.  Join us in creating community through biking. Check out our ride calendar here.

Strider race at Great Bicycle Carnival 2014

Great Bicycle Carnival

We also host the annual Great Bicycle Carnival which is a huge celebration of bicycling.  We want our community to embrace bicycling because we live in one of the best communities for trail riding, commuting and a healthy lifestyle.

Make a decision to help

For $300 (or $25 per month), you can sponsor a child to go through the Let’s Pedal earn-a-bike program. Kids participate in 10 weeks of hands on bike riding, and at the end earn a new bike, helmet, lock and pump.

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