Bike Safety

Empowering kids

85-88% of critical health and brain injuries can be prevented through use of a helmet. In our experience approximately 70% of the kids in low income neighborhoods in which we work do not own or wear a helmet when riding a bike.  We are changing attitudes, beliefs and opportunities so that all kids wear a helmet while riding a bike.

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Bike Safety at Schools

Kids rarely receive any education about safely riding a bike in traffic.  Most kids don’t even know which side of the road to ride on.  We not only provide opportunities for kids to own and ride bikes, but we empower them to be safe.  During a 25 minute presentation to a group of elementary school aged children, they learn how to cross busy intersections, how to ride in a group, what clothing to wear, why a helmet is important, and how to keep their bike in good repair.  Help us continue to teach more kids about bike safety.  Do you know a school or group who could benefit from bike safety education?  Tell us about it here.