Level 6 Mountain Biking – *invitation only*

Some details still in development.  Contact the Director of Programs, Mark Schenberger (mark@kidsonbikes.net), or Head Coach, Kip Biese (kip@kidsonbikes.net) for more information on eligibility.

Level 6 Mountain Biking Camp will involves 5 days of fun, challenging rides with rewarding views and some of the most fun trails in the Pikes Peak region.  In addition to the riding skills, participants will learn related skills that will serve them well on future adventures outside of camp like route planning/map reading, nutrition considerations for all-day rides, and trail-side mechanics.

In 2022, we will also include some preparation and skills related to competing in the Colorado High School Mountain Bike League Races. This includes mass start practice, bottle hand-offs, passing/being passed on singletrack, and a mock “short-track” race. Being a member of a high school or middle school mountain bike team is not a requisite for participating in the camp. These elements were added after realizing that most of the camp participants last year also happened to be part of a team.

The schedule below is from 2021. There may be some changes as plans for 2022 become solidified:

  • Monday, 8am-5pm – Drop off at the upper Cheyenne Canon parking lot and pickup at the Pedal Station with a long climb up the Canon and descent down Jones Park.
  • Tuesday, 8am-3pm – Monument trail system
  • Wednesday, 8am-3pm – Another Cheyenne Canon ride, starting from the Starsmore Discovery Center.
  • Thursday, 8am-3pm – Northwest Colorado Springs trails with exact route and time depending on some land use permissions.
  • Friday, 8am-3pm – Palmer Park with trail connections to Austin Bluffs and/or more focus on specific skill work depending on groups energy levels by the end of the week.



Price: $400

7th - 11th

Session 1 July 18th-22nd 8am-3pm or 5pm Various locations