Volunteer & Employment Opportunities

We have a number of opportunities to be involved with Kids on Bikes.

Internships – We will hire our first round of interns starting in Fall 2016 internships available starting in August.  We are looking to engage smart, driven, passionate people who want to be part of making bicycling better for kids and families in Colorado Springs.

Volunteer positions – We are always in need of really great volunteers on an ongoing basis. Volunteering with us is typically the best way to move into a paid position.

Paid positions – We will post any permanent or temporary positions in this area.  During the summer months, we typically hire 8-10 bike camp coaches as temporary part to full time positions.

Hiring: Volunteer Mechanic Coordinator

Kids on Bikes (KOB) was established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2005 with a mission to inspire and empower all kids to lead healthy, active, and happy lives through bicycling. Our top priorities are to provide all kids with access to rideable bikes, to empower kids and families in bike education, and to create a healthy biking community with family rides and events.

In 2016, we opened a community bike center-the Pedal Station. Our goal is to grow this social enterprise that sells affordable recycled bicycles and bicycle accessories to the greater Colorado Springs community in order to generate revenue to fund our programs, and further our mission to get more kids riding bikes. We accept donations of bikes that are then refurbished for resale, go to our earn-a-bike programs, or are recycled for parts or scrap.

Job Description: 

The Volunteer Mechanic Coordinator is a part-time position at Kids on Bikes. Anticipated hours are 20 hours per week, with the possibility of expansion as the position grows. This person will play a crucial role in creating the systems, procedures, and operations to help sustain the Pedal Station that combines bikes, community, and education. This individual is a self-generator and demonstrates the ability to successfully manage multiple tasks and responsibilities while communicating effectively and working on a team.

This position reports directly to the Operations Manager and will support other Kids on Bikes staff and volunteers. This individual will oversee Volunteer Mechanic Hours at the Pedal Station (Tuesday and Thursday 2pm-6pm and Saturday 10am-2pm), and will also oversee day-to-day Pedal Station operations including managing the inflow and outflow of donated bikes, assisting with optimizing retail sales, expanding volunteer mechanic opportunities, and creating new and innovative programs to help strengthen the strategic direction for the broader Kids on Bikes mission.

Kids on Bikes is an expanding organization with opportunities for growth and creative leadership.


Volunteer Coordinator

  • ŸThis is the primary function of this position
  • ŸOversee Volunteer Mechanic Sessions
  • ŸEngage and grow volunteer mechanic workforce through personal relationships, social media, newsletters, community events, etc.
  • ŸCreate a top-notch welcoming and inclusive environment for anyone who walks in the door
  • ŸOrganize and maintain volunteer hours data
  • ŸProficient knowledge of any and all types of bicycles and bicycle maintenance is a must
  • ŸResponsible for final check system of mechanical work from volunteers to ensure bikes are safe to ride
  • ŸEnsure all bikes are in their best functioning form before they are released to the multiple avenues in which bikes go back to the community

Workshop Space

  • Support and sustain systems for bike retail sales
  • ŸHelp manage bike donation and parts inventory
  • ŸHelp to keep the shop well organized and clean
  • ŸMaintain tool inventory

Bike Donations Processing

  • ŸHelp to manage the overall bike donation process for the Pedal Station
  • ŸEnsure each bike is designated to appropriate channel for redistribution including maintenance checklist
  • ŸHelp with partnerships of local youth serving agencies to get bikes donated to kids
  • ŸMange the metal scrap and rubber recycling

Community Partnerships

  • ŸCreate and maintain community partnerships with community partners, youth serving agencies, and other businesses

Desired Background and Attributes:

Kids on Bikes seeks a candidate who has a dedication to the mission of Kids on Bikes. This person is very engaging, organized, good with tracking details and a very good verbal and written communicator. Ideally, this person will have worked in a bike shop or community bike shop with mechanical knowledge and have the utmost regard for volunteers. An outgoing personality is key.

Salary and Benefits:

This is a part time position located in Colorado Springs. Hours are likely Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but can be subject to change. Depending on the successful applicant qualifications and experience, pay will be $10.00-12.00 per hour.

To Apply: E-Mail a resume and cover letter to Stephanie Fryer at steph@kidsonbikes.net. Application period is open, and the position will be filled as soon as a qualified candidate is found.

Volunteer Positions


    Ride with the kids at bike camp this summer. A free youth entry to bike camp is given to any adult who volunteers with us for a full week of camp.


    Come work on bikes at our weekly volunteer nights. You will work alongside others to repair donated kids and adult bikes that will go into youth programs or on our retail floor.


    Help at the retail center of the Bike Center. Greet customers, answer questions, stock inventory, etc.


    2 hours per week riding your bike with elementary school aged kids in an after school bike club setting